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Hello again! It’s been a bit longer then the two weeks, which I suppose is your answer (if you’ve been sitting at the edge of your seat) about Step Lightly’s future. It’s not that i don’t like happiness or the pursuit thereof, but that I really just can’t keep up with new things to say about it. At least not without delving into minutia that I don’t feel is helpful to anyone but me.

I’m not sure what comes next, exactly. I’ve been feeling more and more a need to talk about things. (A lot of it pretty silly or pointless, but some more general, informative, or important.) I’m not sure if this is the right venue (this blog specifically and blogging in general), but I have some things I need to say somewhere.

So keep your eyes peeled. I might throw up more content here. And if not here, then I will let you know where.



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