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If you can read this without the translation, you really need to get a life (I almost managed it). Honestly, if you can understand the translation I would worry a little.

Here is a video of an adorably lazy little machine.

A little proof that my choice of “fine arts” isn’t so bad, in the form of (math^pie/graph). (By the way, that site is pretty reliably awesome, including this Billy Joel themed graph.)

In case you were ever wondering how to deal with a bully in a metropolitan subway, we have the answer, straight from… Russia? I’ve seen that video a bunch of times, and I’m still not sure what impresses me more: his reaction time or the laid back way the other riders enjoy the show.

If not for this video, no one would believe this guy’s story. Which is funny, because it’s basically him just being a lucky idiot.

And finally, the definitive guide I’ve always needed for seat-surrendering courtesy on a New York subway.


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Inspired by recent evidence that Cheney has “special friends”, which may be the most silly and also awesome thing I’ve seen in a while, today’s Fun Friday will be alien themed! (Only thing that could make me like that photo better? The Cheney ordered cover-up I expect to follow.)

Not sure if they’re acting with Cheney’s authority, but they appear to be targeting a man in Bosnia.

The aliens are also apparently aiming to take the music world by storm (yes, I know, this made the rounds a LONG time ago).

While not technically an alien, it’s worth noting that, yes, Cthulu can has. Honestly, never thought I’d write that.

And now I am cutting this little misadventure short, because my googling of alien stories and pictures has hit a Rule 34 roadblock. *Shudder*

Two quick points of news. First, as you can see to the right (or here) I have a new T-Shirt design up for review on Threadless. It’s pending review but I expect it to be accepted soon. I hope you’ll vote for me! 5$.

Second, it is with a heavy heart that I pass on the news that Brett Farve is retiring. Even though she is a yooper, Annette Summersett does a good job of summing up the emotions we cheeseheads are feeling. It’s a dark day.

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A few videos to enjoy this Friday. This has been a really good week for Step Lightly and it’s author too! Thanks you guys!

Jason Mraz – Geek In The Pink

Ingrid Michaelson – Far Away

Feist – 1 2 3 4

Victor Wooten

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Fun Friday: Random Edition

Lots of fun links today. But first, a serious note:

Emos in Mexico are in danger. Wow, honestly, never thought I would be writing that.

Cuteness chaser, from a blog called “Little Four Eyes.” I imagine (or would think, anyway) that not that many people’s toddler’s need glasses, but boy is her daughter cute.

Chad hates aliens, and I can’t blame him.

This is perfect. I would laugh too.

This is terrifying. The fire bombing should start immediately. Although, this recent court ruling is a good start.

This guy is right: it does boggle the mind.

And finally, happy Caturday. You deserve it.

See you Monday!

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I like to give other blogs their time in the spotlight, and there are a few that need attention.

Fail Blog.

What White People Like.

And to go completely off topic…

Alanis Morissette singing a version of the Black Eyed Peas’ song My Humps.

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First, a little serious site news. Frequent readers may have noticed that the sidebar to the right changed Wednesday night. The search feature and tag cloud, I hope, will prove handy, but the big deal is the new feed system with FeedBurner. WordPress provides an RSS feed (top right of the page), but FeedBurner’s is easier for me to track, offers an e-mail subscription option (which I’ve always preferred, but maybe that is just me), can eventually tie in to advertising (not going there yet), and, best of all for me, is completely free. Best of all for you, it lets me deliver a nicer, more useful feed. So please, clicky clicky and enjoy the new service!

Now, before the mobs with flaming torches held high storm my house, some stuff to make you giggle.

CNN makes a poor decision

Why I love Minnesota (well, one reason)

Why I’m not so in love with Connecticut, as nice as it is living here

If you can get over how sad this is, it’s actually pretty hilarious

Air Force = Nazis? I guess?

Can you hear it? Somewhere a hybrid bus designer is getting fired

And finally, this image is cool, but this site is the best thing ever.

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Two things I love about America: protests and hugs. Turns out some students in Mesa, Arizona have brought those two great things together to protest what might be one of the dumbest school rules ever.

Apparently, a local school, overrun(?) by public displays of affection, instituted a rule that kissing was completely off limits, and hugs could only last two seconds. When one girl got detention for hugging a friend a little longer, she organized a protest. The pictures are great; tons of people hugging each other to send a message.

(Also, in the pictures there is a copy of the rules; apparently “man hugs” of any duration were completely acceptable! How unfair to the poor girls.)

It feels like it’s going to be a good weekend. I wish you the best as we college students start that yearly madness/release called Spring Break. (No worries, Step Lightly will be back on Monday, as usual.)


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