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New Page!

I added a page asking for your difficult personal problems or silly goofy questions. It’s up above the banner, says “Advice” on it.

Write me something!


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At the beginning of July, I was approached by a company to write a post recommending their company to you. First of all, I thought that was a little strange, since I’d been on something of a hiatus for, oh, two months or so. I inquired further none the less. It would seem I asked too many questions, because they stopped talking to me. I now oblige them in their request (and don’t worry, this one is free of charge).

The site was National Payday. Payday loans, for those who don’t know, are very short terms loans (usually issued one pay day to be collected on by the next). Unfortunately, the quick approval process is balanced by truly atrocious interest rates (I’ve seen them worked out at nearly 200% annually). Get Rich Slowly has more on that.

What really makes me laugh, though, is the sweet-talking spin Darell put on their product when he e-mailed me. “Most of our customers are making ends meet on a small budget and require short-term loans and may not even qualify for more traditional loans.” I fail to see how taking advantage of people falling on hard times is admirable. What good is it to be able to pay off a credit card if the loan you take out has ten times the interest?

Regardless, here’s a simple lesson for you, dear reader: Any company which has to pay people to say something nice about it, is a company you don’t want to do business with. In the case of payday loan sharks, I would call them evil, vile, and disgusting.

There you are Darell. I hope my brief post was not too “vilinizing” for you or your company. And as I said, it’s on me.

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This post is to test the new networking tool I downloaded. If it works, you should be able to tell below.

If you blog with WordPress and want this tool, you can download it here.

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And I’m back!

Today, I’m here to help spread the word about 350.org. They’re message is simple but also surprisingly hard to get out: We need to reach and maintain an atmospheric carbon dioxide level of 350 parts per million in order to have a healthy and stable planet on which to live. Current, the level is 387 ppm. And rising. So we have some work to do.

They just released a great video to help spread the message. E-mail it, link it, whatever you like. With no text, it reaches pretty well across barriers of language.

And for anyone who is curious, I’m not sure what this means for the site, exactly. I’m feeling like I’ll probably be posting occasionally, but for now I am not committing to a schedule or a topic. If you want an easy way to keep up, we still have RSS and e-mail subscription on the right.


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Hello again! It’s been a bit longer then the two weeks, which I suppose is your answer (if you’ve been sitting at the edge of your seat) about Step Lightly’s future. It’s not that i don’t like happiness or the pursuit thereof, but that I really just can’t keep up with new things to say about it. At least not without delving into minutia that I don’t feel is helpful to anyone but me.

I’m not sure what comes next, exactly. I’ve been feeling more and more a need to talk about things. (A lot of it pretty silly or pointless, but some more general, informative, or important.) I’m not sure if this is the right venue (this blog specifically and blogging in general), but I have some things I need to say somewhere.

So keep your eyes peeled. I might throw up more content here. And if not here, then I will let you know where.


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I started this blog about six weeks ago with the intent of making a go at being a professional blogger. That is to say, I wanted to pick a single topic to write about, to delivery quality material reliably, and to eventually attract enough readers to make money from this project.

As time has gone on, I’ve found the writing increasingly difficult. More and more, I’ve been drifting from general to the specific, noodling over little personal interests instead of broader topics that can apply to my audience. The gulf between the subjects I’ve been covering and the subject of “happiness in the 21st century” has gotten larger and larger. The things I find myself wanting to write about are not the things I said I was going to write about.

I’m rambling, a little.

The next two weeks are big for me, finishing off the semester’s projects and taking finals. So I’m taking a hiatus. In two weeks I’ll come back and let you know if I’m going to continue Step Lightly.

Thanks for understanding.

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Where I Am

I have about three weeks (er, two and a half?) until the end of another school year. I’ll be a junior, technically, but still have three years to go as a consequence of switching majors. In that regard, I’m going for a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a photo concentration, and probably an Art History minor. I have classes, housing, financial aid, etc. Scholastically, I am pretty well set, and feeling more confident about my choices then ever.

This summer is a different story. No job, yet. I’m not terrible concerned about what the job is, which hopefully will make finding one easier. I’m still not exactly sure how people come back from school with jobs already in hand. I must be missing something.

Lots of artistic ideas, but no darkroom in which to execute them. Not sure what to do about that, but I keep trying.

In other ways, I’m also on unsure footing. Maybe more on that some other day, though.

A little bit of positive news though, to bring this to an optimistic close. I am receiving some sort of award from a scholarship show (that I didn’t enter) in the art department. What this award is or why I was chosen, I have no idea. Oh well! Recognition is recognition.

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