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There’s been a lot of talk about water boarding, and I haven’t really brought it up. I’m not certain how pertinent an issue it still is. That said, for anyone on the fence about the “Is it torture or not?” issue, I recommend the following experiment. It’s really easy to do and I think rather effective, despite actually being a rather poor analogy for the actual interrogation technique.

The next time you take a shower, bring a washcloth with you. Make sure it’s really good and wet. Then lean your head back a little, as if you were looking up at the stars. Inhale. Lay the washcloth over your face, and exhale slowly. Feel the warm cloth billow out a little, filled with your breath. It probably feel pretty nice.

Exhale all the way, and then inhale deeply.

Then, draw your own conclusion: is it torture? Please comment.


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And I’m back!

Today, I’m here to help spread the word about 350.org. They’re message is simple but also surprisingly hard to get out: We need to reach and maintain an atmospheric carbon dioxide level of 350 parts per million in order to have a healthy and stable planet on which to live. Current, the level is 387 ppm. And rising. So we have some work to do.

They just released a great video to help spread the message. E-mail it, link it, whatever you like. With no text, it reaches pretty well across barriers of language.

And for anyone who is curious, I’m not sure what this means for the site, exactly. I’m feeling like I’ll probably be posting occasionally, but for now I am not committing to a schedule or a topic. If you want an easy way to keep up, we still have RSS and e-mail subscription on the right.


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Barack Obama On Race

I’m not going to claim to be politically neutral here, because I think you’re smart enough to make your own decision regardless of what I say. With that in mind, I hope you caught the recent Daily Show episode with clips of Obama’s speech about the recent Reverend Wright commotion. Besides living up to the Daily Show’s usual standards, Obama is amazing (especially at around 5:00). I can do little better then to parrot Jon Stewart and say, in summary, that “at eleven o’clock AM, on a Tuesday, a prominent politician spoke to Americans about race as though they were adults.”

Here is the full speech, worth the watch.

(Oh, and no, my support of Obama and his stance on race issues is not some sort of April Fools joke. But enjoy it anyway! Don’t be an April Fish!)

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Two things I love about America: protests and hugs. Turns out some students in Mesa, Arizona have brought those two great things together to protest what might be one of the dumbest school rules ever.

Apparently, a local school, overrun(?) by public displays of affection, instituted a rule that kissing was completely off limits, and hugs could only last two seconds. When one girl got detention for hugging a friend a little longer, she organized a protest. The pictures are great; tons of people hugging each other to send a message.

(Also, in the pictures there is a copy of the rules; apparently “man hugs” of any duration were completely acceptable! How unfair to the poor girls.)

It feels like it’s going to be a good weekend. I wish you the best as we college students start that yearly madness/release called Spring Break. (No worries, Step Lightly will be back on Monday, as usual.)


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